Thursday, October 18, 2007

Menganyam ketupat

Hello everybody after a week of no posts and SELAMAT HARI RAYA!It seems like it was just yesterday when we Muslims started fasting.Onto the post,

The picture above wasn't taken in Selangor but was taken at my grandmother's place at Muar.Muar is located in Johor.My grandmother was teaching my dad how to weave or in Malay,menganyam ketupat.Actually,my dad already knows how but he wanted to refresh mis memory because we will be going to Kedah during Eid ul-Adha and dad came up with an idea to weave ketupat for us to eat with rendang at Kedah.I also tried to weave one but probabbly because my hands were a bit stiff,I couldn't make one.I guess I need more practice.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Storks along the highway

Can you see black looking things on the lamp post?That would be storks.They're from Zoo Negara or better known as our National Zoo which is located near the highway.Usually there'll only be about two storks but when I took this picture,they were on the lamp posts along the highway.I guess they got bored staying inside the zoo and decided to see what the humans were up too.The storks at Zoo Negara aren't locked up inside cages but let out.The storks wont fly far away though.They'll return back home by night or so.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A new sister

[Picture by Dad of Five aka my Dad]

Finally,my mum has just delivered the baby which has been in her tummy for 9 months.Alhamdulillah,praise to God,it was a girl!Mum had decided her name long before she was even born.Her name is Siti Hajar and was born on the 27th of September at 1.20 am at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital by Dato' Dr. Ashar.When she was first born,she looked like my younger brother,Yusof.Now she looks more and more like my mum's mother.

And,I'm sorry for the no posts.I've been busy for my Final Examinations as well as babysitting Hajar.I'll try to keep posting as regularly as I can.