Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kopitiam breakfast #4

My brother was slurping the half boiled egg from the bowl when I took this picture.It really looks appetising but I've never been interested in tasting half boiled egg before.What does it taste like?


Keropok Man said...

aiyo, u dunno what you are missing!

you should try it!
ahh.. i love soft yokes!

in fact i just had some just now. hehe..

Denton said...

A soft boiled egg with a soft yoke taste like an egg fried sunny side up except the soft boiled egg does not have the taste of grease used when frying an egg ... Now a half boiled egg, where the white is still runny, is not appetizing. In fact runny egg white can be dangerous due to salmonella.

Dijah said...

Keropok-I don't think I'll ever try it.I'm not a big fan of eggs.

Denton-I never knew that.