Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ampang Puteri #2

When my mum told Dr. Ashar about me photographing him scanning the baby for my DP Blog,he didn't seem to mind.So I snapped away.

In the picture above,it shows my mum's doctor getting ready to scan my mum's tummy.He first applied some jelly and later scaned her stomach.As soon as everything was going well,Dr. Ashar checked the organs of the baby and saw that the organs were alright.We wanted to see the baby's face,but unfortunately she covered her face with her hands and after that,she yawned!I was very thrilled.I thank God so much because I finally get to have a baby sister.
This picture shows Dr. Ashar measuring the head of the baby.The baby will be due one week before Hari Raya Puasa which is early September this year.


Ackworth Born said...

I think it is quite lovely that you are so involved with your mum's pregnancy -- I'm sure you will make the baby a wonderful sister.

Pedp said...

Good to see these "in action" photos.

I hope everything goes well.

Planet Earth Daily Photo.

~tanty~ said...

Masya Allah Dijah, you're really a good daughter. I'm sure you will be a good sister as well.

Dijah said...

Ackworth-I hope I will.

Pedp-I hope it does go on well.

Tanty-InsyaAlla,I will Tanty.

Keropok Man said...

Congratulations Dijah

You are getting another adik! :-)

Dijah said...