Friday, July 20, 2007

An old friend

This old SLR belongs to my dad.I think my dad got it when he was in boarding school at the age of 15, so this camera is about 24 years old because my dad is now 39 years old.I've seen the pictures which my dad took using this old camera and it turned out very nicely.I was hoping my dad would fix it because I wanted a hands on experience on an SLR but my dad told me the cost of fixing it would be much more expensive than buying a dSLR instead.


Abraham Lincoln said...

Minolta was a good camera. I used one earlier than this. And it was a film camera, as they all were then, but it was a nice camera.

I like your photo of the old camera.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Emily Lin said...

What a beautiful Minolta. It looks very well-kept. I think your father would be love to buy a new dSLR for you, Dijah. :p

iBlowfish said...

Too bad it is not working camera. For my blog, I am using more old that your dad's camera to take picture. For me, old camera are better build than our newest digital camera.

Dijah said...


Emily-Yeah,he's already planning on buying one for me!

iBlowfish-I think so too thats why I really wanted it to be fixed.