Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The King of Fruits

This is the fruit which not everyone favours,the durian,The King of Fruits.Despite it's smell,I can finish the whole fruit myself and then realise that I haven't saved some for anyone.Very greedy of me!Sometimes durians have lots of flesh but doesn't taste as sweet as the ones with less flesh.After eating durian,your body will feel a bit hot so my grandfather always keeps the skin of the durian and fills it with plain water and drink from there.It helps!

Are you a durian fan or as my grandfather says, 'Hantu Durian'?


Steve Buser said...

I wonder how far spread you can find the durian. Never heard of it here in New Orleans.

Syafrizal said...

The king of fruits and the best of fruits hehe.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I love durians! It's definitely an acquired taste. :-)

The Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown has durian milk shake made from frozen durians from Thailand.

I always feel self conscious after drinking it because I don't know if others can smell my breath or not. :-)

~tanty~ said...

Oh my, I'm a big fan of durian. Like you, I can finish the whole round by myself :) Hantu durian, uh?

Dijah said...

Steve-You can only find it in tropical climate countries but I've heard that they do export durians far and wide.

Syafrizal-Yes,it is!

Ming-I should go there.I can spend hours and hours just eating durians.

Well,need to do a good brushing so that other people won't know we've been eating durian?

Tanty-Yes,yes,Hantu Durian!

Keropok Man said...

I used to like durian when I was younger. Dad even had a durian kebun. But when I grew up, suddenly just stopped eating!

poody said...

jack fruit is what I was taught it was and no I don't care for it but I know it is popular I think the smell it what gets me every time! Too strong!

Dijah said...

Keropok-Haha,I guess you should continue.