Sunday, July 22, 2007

Potter frenzy

Finally,the last Harry Potter book.For experience,my dad brought me to Kinokuniya at KLCC at 3.50 a.m. just to get in line.Unfortunately,by the time we reached there,there were about 200 people already.As we got in line for the book,everybody was busy talking about the past 6 books.Now,I've already finished it.I finished it in about 13 hours.Me and my dad each have our own copy because my dad knows we were bound to fight over the book,so he bought two instead.


Emily Lin said...

There are so many Harry Potter fans out there but too bad I'm not one of them. I guess the book must be great but I never read any of them yet. I prefer watching the movies instead. :p Lazy me. Haha..

2 purchases for a same book? Wow you guys must be crazy about Harry Potter! :D

Dijah said...

Emily-You should read the book.There are much more details and all of the details are much more exciting than the details in the movie.

Yes we are!I've been reading it since the first book and never stopped.This year only,I've read the 2nd last Harry Potter book about 4 times.As my dad says,revision :D

travelphilippines said...

awwww so sweet dad.. hayyy the potter mania.

soosha_q said...

2 purchases is nothing. The person who was in line in front of me (I was the 2nd!!) had reserved 2 hardbound, 1 deluxe, and 1 audio. Wow. I can't believe you finished in 13 hours! I suppose before I had a kid I could have done it, but it took me 24 hours. Oh I was so thrilled with it! If you'd like, you can see my photos from the release at STLdailyphoto!

Dijah said...

Travel-Yes,he is very sweet.

soosha-I guess he/she was a really big fan of Harry Potter.There was this family of four who were in line on the day of the release,they purchased four books for each of them!

Hyde DP said...

I notice that the cover of your copy is the same as the one on ours. It has a different cover in the USA it seems as I noticed on one site [forget which].

We picked our copy up cheaply at 9.30am from the local supermarket and didn't have to queue. If we'd have had to queue we wouldn't have bothered.

I skipped through the last few chapters just to have the knowledge of how it ended as I'm not really fan. My wife is a fast reader but I'm sure she will take at least a week over it.

Dijah said...

Hyde-The other cover is the American version.The one which I posted is the British version.

Our local supermarket also sold it at a very cheap price which made about four bookstores cancel selling it.Now they're reselling it again.

I tried to skip to the last few chapters as well but in the end,I re-read it from the start because I didn't understand.

Keropok Man said...

There are 3 different type of covers for the one sold in Singapore.

Heard that there was a mogok by the bookstores in KL. They protest that Carrefour and Tesco is selling it too cheap. haha..

Dijah said...

Keropok-Yeah,there was.I heard that the bookstores which protested Tesco and Carrefour are starting to sell them again.