Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Blue Sky #2

Another picture of a piece of the sky.Took this picture to pass my time in the car.The picture looks a bit dark because our car has tinted windows.I like the way the sun turned out in this picture.
Have a nice day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Well, I was really surprised to see your comment on my blog. And then to read you are only thirteen. I will be 73 in October. I think your sky pictures are very nice. I like sky and cloud pictures too. I have some I should put on my b log.

I put a picture of a female rose-breasted grosbeak bird today. She is looking down at me and seems to be asking if I would like to fly.

I also had a dream last night and found I was flying in my dream.

Thanks for stopping the other day.

dijah said...

abraham lincoln-Thank you very much.You should!I would really like to see them.

I've already commented on that picture and I think she really wants to ask you if you would like to fly.

Thats a very nice dream.Probabbly with the help of the female rose-breasted grosbeak bird. :)

Your welcome.