Friday, May 18, 2007

Mini-Police Station

This is a Mini-Police Station.Usually there'll be around to police officers sitting there and looking out for any crimes but everytime I pass this particular station,there are no police officers patrolling or in there.I wonder where have they been.There are lots of these Mini-Police Stations scattered all over KL.This is located near the FINAS building.


Emily Lin said...

Dijah, what a coincidence! My post today is about police station too! :p
haha.. maybe we've got some sort of sixth sense :p

kris said...

no comment on why they're not seen in or around but some of them really need to patrol to get the excerise !

Shally said...

Normal la.some of the station were broken. those was probably done by vandalism la. in malaysia, if there were a crime case i think da police will juz run far far. haha

Bahr said...

Salaam sister
I wish you would take pictures that show of Ampang. Pictures of streets, buildings, people, beaches, parks and so on.
I am sorry, but I know as litle about Ampang today, as when you started.
So I hope in the future you will show us your city.
Wassalam Bahr

dijah said...

emily-hehehe,I've just checked it out!;]
I think we do have 6th sense!

kris-Yes,yes,yes!I agree.

shally-Yep,yep,and I think vandalisme is still number one!

I'll try to take more pictures of everything you've requested earlier in your comment.But right now I'm a bit busy because I'm facing my Mid Year Exam which will be finished by this Friday.
But,I'll still try.