Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Blue sky#3

Went to Mak Jah's for breakfast the other morning and as I was waiting for my breakfast to come,I looked towards the street,and looked up to the sky.Very hot temperatures here now and this morning,the clouds are grey,but there's no rain.


kris said...

I sympathise. stay in places with a/c was what i did those days..even in the car is WAY better than under the sun!

~tanty~ said...

I hope I can steal a little warm temperature from your place cos here is still cold :)
Nice blue sky, I like your yesterday's post too.

Emily Lin said...

Nice angle.. Love the sky :D

dijah said...

kris-hahahaha!Good idea!

tanty-you can,I wouldn't mind.But the temperature has dropped a bit because it has been driziling lately.

Thank you Tanty!

emily lin-thank you very much!