Saturday, May 5, 2007

Great Eastern Mall

This is Great Eastern Mall from the elevated highway.Took the picture when I was on the way to KLCC with my mum.The sky has been blue lately.No grey clouds to be seen and it hasn't been raining lately,and now the temperature is quite hot now.
Have a great weekend!


Abraham Lincoln said...

That is a nice modern-looking building. Your sky is pretty too. And thank you for visits to my blog.

Keropok Man said...

Hope u and your mum had a nice day at KLCC ;-)

kris said...

nice perspective! Have only been to G E mall twice but i do like it

julia said...

A mall that is round in shape, perhaps that makes it less likely to get lost in! Rainy season eneded?

dijah said...

abraham lincoln-Your welcome!It's my pleasure visiting your blog.

keropok man-we did!

kris-You should go there again,many nice restaurants now.

julia-yes it has ended.Now we have very sunny days!