Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New highways

New highways will be seen here at Ampang as soon as it's finished.That highway has been constructed since the past few months.I'm wondering when they'll finish it and after that the traffic jams will be gone.It's been a hectic day here at Ampang but as soon as the holidays are over,it'll be much more quieter.


Abraham Lincoln said...

Hello, from the cornfields of Ohio. I think my first time here. I like the photograph you took of the new highway construction. I have seen that happen here where I live lots of times. The problem is that the traffic continues to increase and so as soon as the new parts are finished it is already filled to over flowing with more traffic. I hope it is not the same in your country.

Have a nice day.

dijah said...

abraham lincoln-the traffic doesn't overflow that much as soon as its finished.

you too!

~tanty~ said...

I think it will take some time to be finished. Nice shot Dijah.

kris said...

i agree with tanty..meanwhile you can always stop and take photos of the progress ;)

dijah said...

tanty-Thank you Tanty!

kris-heheheh.I agree!