Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Hill

I'm back.Went back to Muar,Johor on Thursday evening because my gradfather had a serious case of denggi.This is being taken seriously in Singapore.On to the post,

As promised, the picture of the hill.It was a very sunny day when I took this picture.Well,it has been sunny here in Ampang.Whta's the weather like in your country now?


Keropok Man said...

Hope you granddad is better now.

alice said...

Here, in Western France, it's raining cats and dogs...Hope your grandfather will feel better very quickly, these disease gives high temperature, doesn't it?

poody said...

hi here in Austin Texas it is sunny and hot. Just getting summer started!

Mandy said...

nice to see the sun out

dijah said...

keropok man-Yes he is.On the day we went back,his blood platelete rose to 170.

alice-I would love to have rain as heavy as that here in Malaysia.It's oh so hot!Yes it does give high temperature.

poody-Aha,looks like the weather there is the same here in Ampang.

mandy-Yes.But sometimes it can get too hot!