Wednesday, June 13, 2007


...I'll see the window when I wake up.

I've just finished cleaning my room earlier today before I went to school.Now when I wake up,I can smell the fresh air from outside.

In my next post,I will show you what I see from my window which I intended to post for the Daily Photo Theme Day but I didn't post it because it was bald.But now,the grass has grown a little taller so I'll be posting a picture of it.

I'll be busy this week because I have a Silat competition next week at Stadium Titiwangsa and I will be competing with the schools around KL.But if I do have the time,I'll try to post up a picture and I'll try to reply your comments A.S.A.P.


~tanty~ said...

Hi Dijah, nice photo. And yes, it looks clean :)
Good luck with your silat competition.

Emily Lin said...

It really looks clean. Oh I should get started to clean up my room, too. But it takes forever.. Books are still stacking up here and there tho I've thrown many of them... It's a torturing job, don't you agree?

Oh I went to Singapore on Monday. Just a one-day-trip though.

Keropok Man said...

all the best in your silat competition!

all the while, i thought that silat is only for lelakis. hehe...

looks like its time to clean up my room too! it's a mess!

dijah said...

Tanty-Thanks Tanty!

Emily-Yes it is.I smelled very awful after that because its been a long time since doing spring cleaning.

Keropok-Hahaha,clean clean clean!Make sure no dust bunnies are left behind.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Cool colors on the windows. I was wondering what it was. I thought it was a building or a tower.

dijah said...

ming-Oho,it does look like a building.