Sunday, June 3, 2007

Trimming the grass

That's my grandfather.He usually trims the grass here at our place everytime the grass grows very tall.He was cutting the grass at the hill which I could see from my room.The hill looks better with grass than it is without grass.I'll post a picture of it with and without grass.

Will visit your blogs and comment later because I have to go to grandma's house.See you all soon,and have a nice Sunday.Do post something interesting for me and the other bloggers to read.


~tanty~ said...

Will you help him trimming the grass? :)
Happy Sunday to you too sister.

Abraham Lincoln said...

A good picture of your father at work. I like it.

A.I. Editor said...

Did he encounter any snakes?

It is a lot of grass to trim.

Do you want to exchange links with my Movie Special blog?

kris said...

Like the vibrant green! with the grass shorter i think it feels safer to hang around ;)

dijah said...

Tanty-No,I don't.But if my grandfather needs a helping hand,I'll help him.

Abraham-Actually,thats my grandfather :]

A.i. editor-I don't know.Probabbly he should because in the past 5 months,we had 2-3 snakes in our house.

I'll think about it.

Kris-Yes,it is.But its hard to see snakes everyday.They only appear like twice in a month.

Keropok Man said...

Wow. I see you got lots of Pisang trees at home :-)

Hope you had a great weekend!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Cool photo. Are those banana leaves in the foreground?