Saturday, June 30, 2007

McDonalds drive thru

This is the McDonalds which is combined with a petrol station,Projet.My dad will usually go through the drive-thru when we have nothing to eat for dinner or if mum is away and there's no one to cook for us.The food in McDonalds in Malaysia is not the same as the one in other countries.For example,in Singapore with the Happy Meal you can pick from a selection of side orders like apple dippers which are ready sliced to be dipped in caramel.Here in Malaysia,the side orders are not that interesting though.


Faye Pekas said...

This is interesting. I thought McDonalds food would be the same everywhere. The only food I like that McDonalds serves are the breakfast McGriddles.

Abraham Lincoln said...

This is a nice picture. It is lit just right so the sign is not so commercial.

Abraham Lincoln
—Me as Moses—

dijah said...

Faye-I thought so too but as I looked through magazines,not all of them are the same.McGriddles?Interesting.


zannnie said...

nice ;)