Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Bakery

Here's another place to get good bread and a good breakfast too!The Bakery is a French bakery which sells freshly made French bread,pasteries,cookies,hot meals and sandwiches and they are all original.None of the bread taste like the ones you buy from Deli France.I like the sun dried tomato bread because when you smell it,it smells like pasta and you can eat it on it's own!Here's the address for everybody out there:
The Bakery Ukay HeightsBlock A1,
Jalan Chong Khoon Lin, Ukay Heights,
68000 Ampang
Tel: +603-4260 1606


kris said...

noted, although a little out of way from PJ ;)

~shally~ said...

Oh...you are always that lucky to get nice food!!! I mean I like every single lil food from Franch! Must drag my bf along and have a try. Haha.

dijah said...


shally-Eventhough its nearby,I don't always go there.

Should be a great place to have breakfast together there!

edwin s said...

hahahahahahahha I have 2 friends who live right behind this :)

Keropok Man said...

ampang really have lots of food eh..

i am sure its better than delifrance.
dijah, have you spotted edwin there before?

dijah said...


keropok man-edwin?nope.I only go there few times in a year.