Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I'm so happy to post something new after four days of not posting anything up.Well,I do have my reasons:Number 1,internet connection was lost and Number 2,I went back to my hometown because of a family reunion.I was starting to get worried until dad told me our internet connection was available today.Phew,what a relief.

Decided to post our national flower.Spotted it amongst the bougainvilleas.Enjoy.I'll try to check out your blog's in the nearest time.


Kate said...

The different shades of pink are very attractive! And I like the close-up!!

Keropok Man said...

hibiscus drink is nice too!

mana kampung saudari?

dijah said...

kate-thank you very much Kate!

keropok man-hibiscus drink?I should try!

kampung saya di Muar dan pada hari Ahad saya turun ke Johor.