Monday, April 2, 2007

Zoo Negara;part one

since the public mailbox which I took a picture of is near our National Zoo,I decided to make a National Zoo series.The zoo is just a 10 minutes walk from my house.The zoo is now 44 years old!It has been there since 1963!But since then,the zoo has improved a lot.Usually during public holidays the National Zoo is visited by tourists and people from around Malaysia.Since this year is the Visit Malaysia year 2007,the prices have been raised.I think they shouldn't have raised the price just because they know that there are much more tourists expected here in Malaysia.


kris said...

before i left KL, me and nephews visited a few times (dont ask why)..yes, its still a fun place to be!

julia said...

Am more interested in what's inside the zoo so will return! hope the animals are happy enough.

dijah said...

kris-okay,I waon't ask why. ;D Yous should visit again.They've made upgrades and now there is a night safari and it's quite nice!

julia-The animals are happy there.I think they now have new additions to the zoo family.