Thursday, April 12, 2007


Mr first impression when I looked at the river was,"Wow,clear waters!" but as soon as I went in,"Wow,rubbish!" but there wasn't a lot of rubbish just a few scraps but still.This river has less rubbish than the one I've seen here at Kemensah.I guess the owner of this place takes good care of it.By the way,this place is called Rimba Jimbara.Rimba means forest and Jimbara is actually a rock group here in Malaysia,so this place belongs to Jimbara but they're not the ones taking care of this place,their close friends help them take care of it.


kris said...

very would be a pity to see it being polluted further

ps. Dijah, did u get my pm over at the forum? about post processing of photos

dijah said...


I'll go check,I haven't checked the forum yet.