Sunday, April 15, 2007

The best breakfast in Ampang

Went to Ampang Jaya for breakfast and went to my mum's all time favourite stall which serves nice roti canai which is made by a Malay.It is amazingly true!It's very hard to find a Malay who can make nice roti canai.The teh tarik is not so sweet and not so plain and the traditional kueh,yummy!So those of you who live in KL or Ampang or if you're planning to visit KL,do stop by at Mak Jah Corner.It is located along Jalan Kerja Air Lama and it is located next to SPCA Ampang.


kris said...

at this moment, i dont care of the quality, just give me a set of the same of what your mom had!

i'll note down this place, thanks for sharing

~shally~ said...

Well basically I don't really fancy on roti canai and stuff. But after what you have said, I really wana have a try...

Chuckeroon said...

There's nothing like it......a local speciality cooked to perfection in a tiny place by the road. Everyone loves it. Good post.

P.S. I like yesterday's grey sky shot!

Greetings from Richmond upon Thames.

dijah said...

kris-my mom had roti canai and teh tarik.great combination really!

If you do go,get some of the kuih!

shally-you should I insist!


Actually it was an old picture just reposted because of the rainy season here in Malaysia.

Keropok Man said...

we call it roti prata in johor and singapore.

kosong or telur or sardin? :-)

i only like roti tisu!

dijah said...

keropok man-I ate kosong but sometimes I order roti pisang.Yummy!

ooh,roti tisu.......I like paper thosai

Anonymous said...

I agree that Mak Jah's kueh are good and tasty but lately Mak Jah's has made great mistake by employing workers who are cunning arrogant, rude and unhygienic. I would not say if "the emperor is wearing nice clothe if he is actually naked".

I would not die without eating the food there, may be until Mak Jah takes control of her workers especially the Indons.