Thursday, April 5, 2007

Zoo Negara;part four

I spotted a woman with a little boy at the entrance of the zoo parking and I was curious of what they were up to. The little boy was pointing out in random directions and I think he pointed at me and the woman spotted me so she tried to get out of my sight,but I still managed to take a picture of her.I just love to take pictures of people together.

I read my comments this morning on yesterday's posting and yes,you guessed it correctly!It's a hippopotamus.It's just a statue so its easier to take a picture of it than having to take a picture of the real live thing in the zoo which would be much harder.


Gerald England said...

Some people don't like their picture taken

You carry on

Keropok Man said...

I think they have a real hippo at the Putrajaya Wetlands right?

I saw it at Putrajaya Wetlands before.

Alex said...

The composition of this photo is funny too. It looks like the hippo is biting the croco. Nice one! :-)

dijah said...

alex- ;)